“Better an oops, than a what if.”

The Monday Oops is a newsletter exploring all those unexpected moments, bad decisions, and mistakes made by me, Alexis Forsyth, a 30-something copywriter and blogger living in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Landing on a Monday every other week, I share my personal stories and reflections on everything from dating to friendships to work - and everything else in between!

In each issue, I also curate my very own ‘mixtape’ of things that have caught my eye, including inspirational quotes, podcasts, books, and more.

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I’m Alexis Forsyth, an experienced copywriter, lifestyle blogger, and former magazine journalist and editor based in the North East of England. From culture, travel, food and drink, to weddings, beauty trends, gadgets, and even Christmas trees – I have written about lots of different things over the years!

This fortnightly newsletter started as a creative outlet for my ramblings during lockdown, covering personal topics such as the birthday blues, forgetting how to kiss (yes, really!) and rejection. I even managed to reference the Care Bear stare in one post!

After a little hiatus in 2022, I decided to switch my focus to all the ‘oops’ I encounter in my everyday life and delve into those imperfect situations I’d probably do again differently, if I could.

Hopefully, like a ‘lil catch up with a close friend, some of the words I write will resonate with you and stir up those comforting ‘I’ve experienced that, too!’ kinda vibes.

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I’d like to end with a little shout out to the super talented Christopher Owens, who photographed me during one of his Studio Days and captured my profile pic above!

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A newsletter from copywriter and blogger, Alexis Forsyth, exploring all those bad decisions, mistakes, and imperfect situations she'd probably do again differently


Alexis Forsyth
A Scottish 30-something copywriter, freelance writer, and lifestyle blogger based in Newcastle upon Tyne